South Adams Core Values

We believe —

  • Every student can learn and can grow academically, physically, emotionally, and socially to reach their unique potential and achieve specific goals.
  • Student development is the top priority at South Adams Schools.
  • In the value of personnel, who are student-centered, highly trained, use effective methods, reflect personal integrity, work as a team, and model the importance of lifelong learning.
  • The best educational opportunities are the result of family partnerships and ongoing community collaboration, participation, and support.
  • A relevant student curriculum focuses on essential skills and timeless principles and is challenging, integrative, aligned, and based on standards.
  • The implementation of technology enhances learning and is a valuable and necessary tool for students and staff to succeed in today’s world.
  • In the value of facilities that promote a safe and progressive learning environment.
  • Responsible stewardship of the school’s resources is a necessity to support long-term, effective, educational opportunities.

Vision Statement

Leading the way in education, South Adams Schools’ vision is to instill in our students the courage to reach beyond perceived limitations. We will inspire and empower them to set high personal academic standards and to lead ethical lives. South Adams will provide students with valuable life experiences to promote the development of responsible and productive citizens. First and foremost, South Adams will be a place of learning, where students are eager to attend, and where a professional and caring staff demonstrates personal integrity, models the importance of lifelong learning, and works as a team for student success. Strong partnerships with families and collaborative relationships within the community will provide unique educational opportunities for individual students. Lastly, South Adams will embrace the future with a strong educational philosophy and fiscal responsibility.

Contact Information

Telephone: 260-589-2181
County: Adams County

School Address

South Adams School
1075 Starfire Way
Berne IN 46711

Other Information

CSA Name: Fort Wayne-Huntington-Auburn IN
School Type: 1-Regular school
Agency: South Adams Schools
Agency Type District: 1-Local school district
Urban/Rural Designation: Town – Distant

NCES ID: 181026001640
State School ID: 0025
State Agency ID: 0035
Congressional Code: 1806

Charter School: No
Magnet School: No
Shared Time School: No
Title I Eligible: Yes
School Wide Title I: Yes

IDOE: Compas