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SwissLand Cheese Company

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The Berne Chamber of Commerce is privileged to award SwissLand Cheese Co as our November Member of Month.

SwissLand's History in Cheese
In 1982, Kirk Johnson, a 4th generation dairyman, began a business with the local Amish in Berne, Indiana, providing them a place to market their milk. Soon after starting his business Kirk began exploring what he could do with this milk. In 2000, he came in contact with a master cheesemaker from Wisconsin and began making cheese at a reasonable price. Swissland Cheese Co. realizes the importance of making high quality cheese at a reasonable price. Swissland began selling its cheeses form a local company store in Berne and later expanded to internet sales. Today Swissland is expanding its product health food stores, gourmet food stores, local groceries, meat markets and restaurants. Swissland Cheese can be found throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.
Making SwissLand Cheese
Swissland manufactures all its cheeses in small batches, which gives the company complete control over the quality of the cheese. This technique also allows Swissland the ability to diversify its product. Swissland specializes in organic, raw milk, goat milk and conventional cow milk cheese. We also manufacture a specialty flavored cheddar cheese, smoked cheese fresh mozzarella, string cheese and cheese curds as well as other specialty flavors.  Production typically starts at 9pm with the first of 3 or 4 vats for the day.  With each vat taking approximately 6 hours to cure, the production day ends at 2:30pm.  SwissLand currently has 17 employees making, marketing and selling their cheese.
Future Plans
This past year Swissland Cheese dramatically changed the façade of their retail store on north US 27 with a fresh coat of paint and the addition of cupolas.  They are not stopping there.  Future plans include expanding their retail space to include a Deli and Bakery as well expanding their product selection.  They hope to bring the production facility to the US 27 location as well.  They have come a long way from the beginning years of selling a single cheese from the docks on a Saturday morning.

Cheese manufacturer with a retail outlet store. Cheeses made with local Amish milk.  Cheeses made from grass fed cows.

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm

Contact Information

Phone: 260-589-2671
Fax: 260-589-9061


4310 S. US Hwy. 27
Berne, IN  46711