Berne Shield

AdamsWells Phone Books LLC

Dialup 56k Internet Access  
  This is the most common Internet service we provide.  It is ideal if you are wanting to connect to the Internet using your phone line and a modem.  
    Unlimited Access - (400 hours/month; 5 email accounts)  
  $16.50/month for the following cities: 
   Craigville, Bluffton, Ossian, Uniondale, Tocsin, Markle, Liberty Center, Petroleum

   $18.50/month for the following cities: 
   Decatur, Berne, Monroe, Preble, Pleasant Mills, Geneva, Linn Grove


Contact Information

Hank Koby

Phone: 260-622.6046
Fax: 260-565-3535


2351 N Main St.
Craigville, IN 46771