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Adams Superior Court

The Superior Court serves all of the citizens of Adams County as one of the two existing trial courts.  The Court has jurisdiction over all felonies, but primarily focuses on midemeanors and Class D Felonies.  This Court, likewise, has jurisdiction over all civil matters involving all amounts, but the primary focus is in small claims ($6,000.00 or less).  All traffic cases are filed in this Court as well, although many are administered through the traffic violations bureau at the clerk's office.  The court also has jurisdiction over landlor/tenant issues, dissolution of marriage, title and possession of real property and all other cases except for juvenile offenses (under the age of 18).

Contact Information

Patrick Miller, Judge
Phone: 260.724.5347
Fax: 260.724.5348


122 S 3rd Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Decatur, IN  46711